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Our selection of low-intervention, organic, biodynamic and natural wines.  All are hand-picked from small producers with a shared and genuine regard for the environment. By lowering the transport & packaging costs More Wine decreases the carbon footprint of import by up to 80%.

More Wine At Home

Need More Wine delivered direct to your home, office or studio?  Check out our online shop with our latest selection of eco-friendly, tasty, expertly sourced wines with next day delivery.  We sell quality wine in a range of Bag in Box sizes to suit any occasion and in 1.5ltr pouches (aka Bagnums). 

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More Wine is perfect for events, offering fantastic quality Bag in Box wine at excellent value.  Beautiful wooden dispensing taps are available on loan. We can personalised refillable 'costolata' bottles for use on the tables at your event.  Want a completely Glass free event? Just ask.

about more wine:

Richard Hamblin, More Wine founder

More Wine was created by Rich Hamblin, a Vintners Cup winning wine buyer and sommelier.  Rich's real passion is the supply of low intervention, high quality wine from small vineyards with an unerring focus on sustainability, eco-friendly packaging and transport logistics.  If you're not looking to age the wine you don't need to import the glass bottle! Our wine is supplied Bag in Box or in a handy pouch.  More Wine also stocks the only can of wine in the UK - Quello!

why buy from us?

Why buy our Bag in Box wine?

More Wine only sells quality wine in eco-friendly formats, such as Bag in Box or 1.5ltr pouches, perfect for drinking wine at home, for events, for parties for picnics and for being outdoors. More Wine massively decreases the need for recycling by preventing the import of 1000s of unnecessary glass bottles each and every month.  All of our delicious wine is low-intervention; most is additionally certified organic, biodynamic or considered to be natural.



1.5ltrs of wine with easy to carry top handle and a dispensing tap at the base. Essentially it’s the ‘must-have’ bag of this (and every) season.

Wine simply does not have to come in a standard bottle any more and the days of only inferior wine appearing in such formats are thankfully long gone. There’s 1500ml of delicious wine in these little beauties, a magnum no less and they are perfect for all sorts of situations. They fit neatly into the fridge door; they don’t roll around the car and bash into one another; they chill quickly in an ice bath; they will serve at least 10 guests the same wine at a dinner party.

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Our gift boxes are the perfect introduction to our delicious wines.


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