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FAQ - Facts about our wine

Questions answered about our bag in box and wine on tap wines. We supply wine to shops, cafes, bars and delivery.


FAQ - Facts about our wine

Questions answered about our bag in box and wine on tap wines. We supply wine to shops, cafes, bars and delivery.

Why did you set up More Wine?
A desire to present wine in a more engaging, informal way and to do away with the intimidating library of wines that most retailers still present.

What inspired you?
In Southern France and many other areas of wine origin it is possible to ‘fill up’ with youthful yet characterful wine from what I remember looking like a petrol pump.  All manner of vessels were used and there was definitely no stigma attached to buying wine in this fashion.

What is a Wine SNOB?
Someone who is concerned with not only how the wine tastes but with how it has arrived into your glass.  The acronym stands for Sustainable Natural Organic Biodynamic and I am only interested in wines which at the very least show a low-intervention approach to viticulture (grape growing) and vinification (wine making).

Can you run that past me again?
I prefer to buy wines from producers where irrigation has not been used to grow grapes; the use of man-made chemicals is dispensed with entirely or minimised; grapes are most normally hand picked; natural / wild yeasts are used to start fermentation; the use of sulphites to stabilize the wine is minimised.

Why do you consider your products sustainable?
More Wine is most normally sourced in larger formats (5/10/20 litre formats) with associated savings in decreased production and transport costs.  This also results in less waste for the end consumer. More Wine also lists the very best local wines which are available in regular bottle but have only travelled 30 miles or less from their point of origin. 

Where can I buy/try More Wine?
More Wine is available in a number of shops, bars, pubs and cafés in Frome, Bath and Bristol. We also have stalls at markets in Frome and Bristol. For a full list of locations please scroll down. Alternatively why not order a delivery from our new online shop and enjoy #MWAH.

What is the minimum order?
Minimum order for a More Wine at Home (#MWAH) delivery is 5 litres. 

So you’re telling me that I can get hand selected, delicious wine delivered to my door, save money on glass and do my bit for the planet at the same time?

I run a pub/deli/bar interested in stocking More Wine, can you help?
Absolutely. More Wine offers a bespoke service for the installation of the wine boxes and provides all required information, staff training and empty bottles to get you started.  Please email me for more details.

Does More Wine work well at events?
More Wine is a great way of serving characterful wine to a large number of people. Not only can we provide the wine but also the taps to dispense from, the bottles to serve from, the glasses to drink from and if the event so demands Rich can be on hand to talk through the wines with your guests or clients. Please email for a quote.





#MWAH - More Wine At Home. Delivered direct to your door the next working day.

More Wine On Tap - Our sumptuous low-intervention wines in a wooden box with a tap. Available at your local stockist.

Low Intervention - Basically little or no nasties involved in wine making. I can't guarantee this will prevent your hangover, but it will definitely help!

Biodynamic - Organic and more. Wines crafted by people who work in complete harmony with the land.

Natural - Grapes have been grown with and the wine made with as little intervention as possible. No irrigation, no man made chemicals, wild yeasts to start fermentation etc.  

Bagnums - A magnum of delicious wine in a good looking pouch with a tap. Delicious, eco friendly, great for outdoors or can easily slot in your fridge door.

Quello - A naturally fermented Italian single serve semi sparkling wine in an easy to chill thin aluminium can. Also makes a great cocktail base. #JustBubbles

Costalata Bottles - Lovely refillable swing top bottles. Available in 0.5L and 1L.

Govinos- Elegant, shatterproof, reusable and recyclable 'glasses'. Available to buy or hire when we supply your event. Dishwasher proof and great when there are kids around or you need a glass free environment.