21st September 2018

Gone Rogue

So officially it is still Summer, with the Autumnal Equinox just a couple of days away. A scorcher for sure, though every time we put the kids and the tent in the car the rainclouds seemed to magically appear.

The highlight was undoubtedly launching www.roguewines.co.uk on one extremely long weekend at www.porteliotfestival.com and the very next day at the simply awesome www.winecarboot.com in its new St James’ Market home in the heart of London.

We’re extremely proud of both The Rascal and The Scoundrel a pair of original old school rogues for a new world order. The launch batch is now nearly sold out, a slightly bigger version (3l) for the Summer season before we go all compact and bijou with our preferred 2.25l BIB size. They have been touring the country and our Rogues have been spotted at www.shambalafestival.org, are soon due at https://festival-of-wine.com/ and we were very delighted to have hosted a rocking natural wine bar for the 20th birthday celebrations of https://www.abergavennyfoodfestival.com/ (BIG SHOUT to @billingsandbriggs and @vinnaturo)

On a more serious note, More Wine is delighted to announce we are exhibiting at the upcoming http://sittastings.com in both London and Leeds. We are promising to be on best behaviour, to iron a shirt and everything! Here we will be showing the following:

- Quello can, no longer the only can of wine in the market but it’s natural fermentation and super cool unicorn packaging mean it’s very firmly our favourite

- Rogue Wines – jam-packed with swagger and spice. Brimming with the freshness and vibrancy of youth. Both The Rascal and The Scoundrel will be on show.

- More Wine dispensing boxes – full of our new entry level range of wines from bag in box specialist partner Cellier des Chartreux http://cellierdeschartreux.fr

- Organic, low sulphite wines in smaller 5 litre BIBs too.

See you in the Autumn I hope!

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