How it works

1. Get in touch for a quote

If you are planning an event then drop us an email at for a simple quote outlining the cost for your event.

2. Tasting

Arrange to drop into one of our stockists or have sample wines sent to your door for a small fee.

3. Govino

We can also provide stylish, reusable Govino ‘glasses’ and carafes if you need a glass free environment. Most importantly you'll still taste More Wine properly!


4. Party time

More Wine and your choice of extras - wooden dispensing taps, empty costolata bottles, Govinos are delivered to your partly location.

5. Reuse

After the party More Wine arranges collection of all the extras for reuse, any sale or return wine and any plastics for recycling.


About our events service

More Wine provides a very low impact, eco-friendly wine service, perfect for all manner of events.  More Wine massively decreases the need for recycling by preventing the import of 1000s of unnecessary glass bottles every month.  By lowering the transport and packaging costs More Wine decrease the carbon footprint of the wine import by up to 80%.

More Wine understands that all events need some sparkle!  We list the only can of sparkling wine in the UK - Quello, alongside an Organic Prosecco and a Natural Cava available in regular bottles.  We advocate decreasing wine miles and also have a concise list of English Sparkling Wines.

All of our wines are low-intervention, made with due care and consideration for the environment.  Many are certified organic or biodynamic, most have low added sulphites and some can be considered 'natural.'


More Wine can supply beautiful wooden insulated dispensing taps on loan as well as reusable and refillable glass Costolata bottles which can also be personalised. 

By using our Govino 'glassware' (actually BPA free plastic) which is reusable, elegant and shatterproof we can make your event entirely glass free.

By using More Wine the volume of waste produced is massively reduced, perhaps as much as 70kg of glass is prevented from the need for recycling per 100 guests. The outer cardboard of our bag in box wines is easily recyclable whilst More Wine will even collect the empty plastic inners to ensure that no element need go to landfill.


To discuss your event please email Richard: