7th November 2017

'The Gift of More Wine'

Now that the bonfires have died down, the elaborately carved pumpkins are jammed in the food waste recycling and the kids have just about come down after their Halloween-sugar-fest masquerading as trick or treat, it must surely be time to plan for the party season proper!

At More Wine we relish the oncoming festive season. If you are thinking of hosting an event with a lot of thirsty guests or need to get the office party started then we can help. If you after some fizz then a slab of Quello and a bag of ice is all you really need. Who doesn’t want to have a lady riding a unicorn at their get together? Quello is a naturally fermented, semi sparkling Italian white wine, made in the same way as a Prosecco Frizzante. Extremely easy drinking in a slimline quick to chill lightweight can. Slab of Quello + Ice + Biodegradable straws = ice breaker+ party, deal done. No heavy bottles to recycle either.

A 10 litre bag in box (BIB) of one of our Good wines is the perfect way to keep people topped up, not least as they can simply help themselves. No corkscrew required, no opening bottles, no heavy recycling. Easy drinking, our Good 10 litre BIB wines are perfect for your party, office event or family get together. A white blend from Languedoc Roussillon is a great aperitif and has enough richness plus acidity to work with your prawn vol-au-vents or assorted appetizers of choice. The Tempranillo grown and made in Rioja is a young juicy red with enough tannin to keep you interested with plenty of damson plum fruit to keep your thirst. Great with a hearty stew or a good chunk of our favourite Westcombe cheddar. There are 56 regular glasses (175ml) of wine in a 10 litre BIB, so less than £1.5 a glass before any party discount. If you do happen to get any wine leftover then instead of facing several half-opened bottles the remains in this format will keep fresh for another 2-3 weeks. That sounds like a perk for the party organiser to me!

Give the gift of More Wine this season. More Wine has the perfect stocking filler – a Quello Gift Tube complete with unicorn taming lady in a red festive cloak filled with three Quello cans. Love wine and the environment then grab Some More Wine. Fancy drinking wine but don’t like hangovers then you should check our low sulphite gift boxes – A Pair of Pouches or Low Sulphite BIBs.

Look out for our upcoming 12 More Wine days of Christmas. the promotion starts at the end of November. Great prices BUT limited stock……follow us to keep ahead of the game, follow us on twitter and Instagram

Also don’t forget that we are working on SAVE OUR INNER (soul!). Not content with saving heaps of carbon by importing wine in cans, pouches and bag in box (BIB) formats, More Wine will shortly be offering incentives to all customers who return their empty inners or pouches!! This will help ensure that no part of our packaging need ever go to recycling.

To Order More Wine at Home (#MWAH), then please check out our shop www.morewine.eu/online-shop .Next day delivery to mainland UK, Monday to Friday.

More Wine Party!

‘MoreWineParty’. Order £200+ wine for your party and get 10% off, must include at least one slab of Quello. Next day delivery to mainland UK, Monday to Friday for orders received before 11am.

QUELLO CAN (200ml) GIFT TUBE OF 3 - £9.50 / PARTY SLAB of 24 cans - £50

Natural fizz in a tin. Party, event, unicorn, single serve. Only quality can of wine in the UK. 11% ABV

GOOD WHITE - £82.5 10 litre (= £6.19 / normal bottle size 75cl) Bergerie Blanc Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Dried herbs, white flowers and citrus. Flavoursome aperitif or with shellfish or garlic chicken. 12% ABV

GOOD RED - £82.5 10 litre (= £6.19 / normal bottle size 75cl) Tempranillo, Albizu, Vina Albergada, Spain

Juicy, young, wild raspberry and damson plum. Grown and made in Rioja. 13% ABV